Cinnamon Recipes you should not miss this holiday season


Cinnamon, the exotic spice, a great taste enhancer, is essential in every kitchen. Cinnamon recipes are full of flavor and aroma. The gorgeous queen of spices is as good in recipes from breakfast to desserts as in peas and mushroom curry. This signature spice enhances the tastes of all baking recipes too. Cinnamon provides beautiful […]

Celebrate Mother’s day with Tacos and Margarita


Mother is the best gift a child is born with. This mother’s day makes her feel special. How about your hand-cooked food surprising her? In fact, it will be a pleasant gift from her baby. But, are you still confused about what to prepare. We are here to rescue you from the dilemma. Who does […]

These best cheese in the world are the worst thing to miss


Is there anything better than the aroma of the baked vegetable of lasagne loaded heavily with cheese? Which is the best cheese in the world? Not sure?? Yes, the word “best cheese” is a very personalized thing and depends from person to person. For me every cheese is special and I absolutely love it! Cheese […]

Low investment Food Business Ideas to start at 16


To start a business at any age is very challenging. It requires a lot of sweat and patience. If you are passionate about cooking from childhood, then you should definitely start a food business at 16. The food business can gain huge profit with your innovative strategies. Though every business requires an investment, at 16 […]

10 ways to know that you’re doing Pizza The Right Way


Who does not love pizza? It is like love at first slice. From controlling instant hunger to serving the guest, pizza is the easiest tasty dish. Though it is the easiest Italian food to prepare it does have a margin of error to take care of. For a pizza lover, it is mandatory to know […]

Gluten-free and dairy-free vanilla cake for your sweet tooth


Craving for some delicious birthday cake but on diet? Do you think a gluten-free diet is boring? Well, it is not. Bake a beautiful milky cake at home this birthday. The moist gluten-free vanilla cake recipe will leave you spellbound as it melts in your mouth. The cake is light and gooey with lots of […]

5 best Asparagus recipes for anytime hunger


The Asparagus season has just started. Asparagus recipes full of fibers, vitamin E, C, and K has numerous health benefits. Why not take advantage of nutritious slender crunchy sticks by adding this to your regular meals? The vegetable is largely available in grocery stores from April to June. The fresh cultivated asparagus comes in various […]

Finest Valentine chocolates recommendation by world chefs


The romance fills the air on Valentine’s Day. And, the chocolate aroma makes everything rosier. Moreover, the association of chocolates with the celebration is an inseparable partner for decades. Sweet and romantic, heavenly Valentine’s chocolates tempt your special ones also. Check the finest Valentine’s chocolates recommended by world chefs down under the body.  These are […]

Christmas Diaries- Authentic Christmas cake Recipe


Christmas celebration without Christmas cake is absolutely incomplete. Anyone who has a sweet tooth waits for December for the flavorful Christmas cake. If Santa Claus is the reason for kids to wait for Christmas; delicious cake lures everyone. Here, we present the mouth-watering authentic Christmas cake recipe to add stars to the celebration. Ingredients Black […]

Diwali Recipes from Sri Lanka’s culinary melting pot


Diwali and Sri Lanka have a well-known connection and the festival is also celebrated in Lanka much like Tamil Nadu way. The post includes two popular Diwali Recipes from Sri Lanka which you can try too for Diwali 2019. Read the delicious baked gujiya recipe here The country is a melting pot of Dutch, English, Arab, […]

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