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Why should you avoid Kombucha during pregnancy?


Kombucha is one of the most buzzed-about beverages. The TikTok famed beverage gained popularity among celebs for its claimed health benefits, and the fame is growing by 16% annually. However, consuming this rich, fizzy tea during pregnancy is still controversial. Let’s see if it is safe for pregnant women in this blog. What is Kombucha? […]

Fresh yeast homemade to make baking easier in Lockdown


“Mixing, balancing, & seeing the fresh yeast rising cake is a pure delight of baking.” Lockdown has taught a ton of things to cooking enthusiasts. Baking proved as the greatest stress-buster in the battle against the COVID-19 threat. Yeast is one of the main baking requirements. It is difficult to get essential food these days. […]

Top 10 beers to celebrate International Beer Day with!


International Beer Day has been a cause for celebration worldwide since 2007. Originating in a Santa Cruz neighborhood in California, this celebration has now spread to 207 cities in 6 continents over 80 countries. The purpose of this day is as golden as the drink it toasts to. It helps friends and family get together […]

Setting microbrewery? Have a look at the cost estimates


Microbreweries are one of their kinds and the business involving microbreweries is getting a lot of attention these days. One might want to estimate the costs incurred before setting microbrewery. My previous post on viability of Microbrewery startup gave you the insight on the trend. In continuation to this let’s see what would be the […]

Traditional Recipe of Spicy Hot Buttered Rum for Christmas


Gone are the colonial days, yet the flavors they have given to Goan culture are here to stay for long. The beautiful flavors are the most cherished contribution. Deep flavors of hot buttered rum make winters and the Christmas exhilarating. The sweet and warm recipe is a comfortable to prepare. It is out of the […]

Roast Beef With Thyme and Fennel Crust

Prepare time: 20 min Cook: 2 hr 30 min Ready in: 2 hr 50 min Pair this delicious dish with a risotto and a nice bottle of wine. This Italian favorite is easy to make and sure to impress your guests. Ingredients 2 cups half and half 1/4 cup limoncello 3 Tbsp granulated sugar 1/4 […]

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