Authentic Recipe of Afghani Chicken

Food knows no boundaries. The food aficionado always appreciates great food recipes, be it from cross country. Here, we are providing a mouth-watering recipe for Afghani Chicken from the region known for its walnuts. Yes, Afghanistan! Along with butter Nan, it makes a complementary food and an ideal dish for dying-heart chicken lovers. This authentic […]

Explore the unattended Columbian cuisine: Cream-style Pasta


Till now Columbia was loved for the lush greenstone and now we have more reason to love the country. Besides producing the world’s finest Emeralds Columbia has a rich culinary tradition. Did you happen to check any? While searching about Columbian food I was wondering or rather regretting having not explored earlier. Columbian cuisine is […]

Creamy no-bake red bell-pepper cheesecake


Pepper and dessert! At first sight, you may think I have mixed up. But, I have not. Red bell pepper dessert recipes are quite uncommon and supreme in the aftertaste too. Sunday is total fun and I was in the temperament of testing so I smashed into my kitchen. While nagging around the lovely sweet […]

Authentic Bengali style Shorshe Ilish (Hilsa) steamed in Microwave


India’s culinary diversities are the soul of the country. Each of the 29 states has its own treasures of unique aromas. When it comes to Bengali cuisine, fishes are an essential part of their diet. They are very fond of Hilsa variety. According to the Bengalis, Ilish or Hilsa is the king of fishes. No […]

Natural foods that effectively reduce belly fat


Tired of trying to reduce stubborn belly fats? Have hooked on to search, “natural food to reduce belly fat”? You have landed in the right place. A diet with less fat content and healthier natural foods can help you lose the flab around belly fast. Daily exercise will reduce the weight gradually but the fat […]

Hindu-Muslim food Startup at zenith: The Best Food startup of 2018


Hindu-Muslim solidarity has demonstrated grit from time to time. This ‘Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai Aapas Mein Sab Bhai’ thought lived up in a startup network as well. There is a heap of such instances of Hindu-Muslim Startups that turned out to be the best new businesses. One such is The Chat Company, which qualified as […]

Keto Crack Chicken that won’t let you stop over a single serve!


Low-carb diets are a fad among weight watchers. Keto diet is one of them. There are many great recipes that will cut the flab without compromising the taste. The low carbohydrate and high protein in Poultry make lean meat essential in keto recipes. Five ounces of bird meat contains net zero grams of carbohydrates. The […]

Bihari Boti Recipe for Eid ul Adha: Celebration food of Pakistan


I am a wanderer and a big foodie, as you all might have experienced from the variety of recipes I share. This time I’m in India! Bihar! The beautiful country has great culture, be it festivals, fairs, people or food. Bihar too is rich in varieties of dishes and that is absolutely sinful for a […]

Ramadan special: Rangooni Paratha


Are you a Parantha (Indian Stuffed Flatbread) lover? Then you should not miss the exotic Rangooni Paratha on Kolkata streets. Parathas are like stuffed pancakes with some filling. You can have it in a lot of flavors which are easily customizable with different ingredients as per individual preferences. In Ramadan, the regular street food Rangooni […]

Best kulfi spots in Jaipur to chill the scorching heat


The local “kulfiwala”, gives the first sense of summer. Whenever this ice cream street vendor hits the bell to cling, young and old take the heart out and they instantly pull to its charm. Jaipur has some popular brick-and-mortar stores that serve this traditional ice cream, but what a pleasure to eat on a Thela. […]

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