Are you struggling to get the perfect picture?

Do you miss the deliciousness of your food pictures?

Do you know the elements of a master food picture?

Are you planning a career in food styling and photography?

Do you think it is too technical?

Do you know the right props for food photography to liven up the photo?

Are you using the props correctly?

Do you want to know how to add visual weight with lighting?

Meh, a badly presented dish is a sin. If you agree with any (or, probably all the 8) reasons join us.

 Who this course is for?

  • Food bloggers
  • Aspiring chefs
  • Passionate cooks
  • Creative people
  • Food business owners
  • Women who want to restart their career

Why should you join Food Styling course online with us?

True to the core, we eat food with our eyes first. The images should make the customer hungry as well as speak of togetherness and zest for life. This course isn’t just any hotel management course; the food styling on Socialchefpriyanka is also focused on getting an image with marketing appeal. And, this is the prime reason to join a specialized course where professional stylists and photographer teams will help you bring out your creativity. A focused course means a lot to exploring the emotional connection between image and viewer. Each food shot is different in terms of layout and style. Our experts will assist you to understand the need. It doesn’t need you to be a technical expert. Food styling is an art, this Food Styling course online makes you learn the use of artificial lighting, filters, and fake food. You would learn to showcase one ingredient in variable settings without altering its inherent deliciousness. Food styling art comes from the heart and is polished, and nurtured here. Know the background, props, and essential elements for the photograph that would add detailing to the frame. We teach skills that could make you play with raw ingredients, as well as on cooked food.

 What will you learn from this course?

  • Trade secrets of styling salads, desserts, frozen food, beverages, and more
  • Know the right gears for the task
  • How to get your first project

Bonus Takeaway:

  • Get free food styling kit
  • Assistance in getting projects