Monthly Archives: August 2019

Ramadan special: Rangooni Paratha


Are you a Parantha (Indian Stuffed Flatbread) lover? Then you should not miss the exotic Rangooni Paratha on Kolkata streets. Parathas are like stuffed pancakes with some filling. You can have it in a lot of flavors which are easily customizable with different ingredients as per individual preferences. In Ramadan, the regular street food Rangooni […]

Best kulfi spots in Jaipur to chill the scorching heat


The local “kulfiwala”, gives the first sense of summer. Whenever this ice cream street vendor hits the bell to cling, young and old take the heart out and they instantly pull to its charm. Jaipur has some popular brick-and-mortar stores that serve this traditional ice cream, but what a pleasure to eat on a Thela. […]

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