Monthly Archives: February 2018

Delicious Baked Gujiya Recipe for Holi Festival Platter


Festivals are fun. We love them for unique celebrations and the spirit they possess. Well, the other reason is the yummy sweets and dessert. The fragrance of special sweetmeats preparing for Holi festival is already floating in the air. Foodies take it difficult to control their cravings for the delicious gujiyas and malpuas but what […]

Refreshing Lunch Menu With Mint and Ginger Recipes


Good food is like a great sex! Sometimes just basic ingredients add kick to your mood. Isn’t it amazing how the kitchen ingredients Ginger and mint gives a refreshing flavor along with myriad health benefits to your food? Today, my lunch menu uses the goodness of the duo from tip to toe. Here are the […]

Chef Vikas Khanna’s Inspirational Speech in Ted Talks India


A household name, Chef Vikas Khanna is a motivating personality. Right at the age when children use to dream, play, and enjoy pleasures of life Vikas was struggling with a bone disease. Then it was only a dream to see him stand on own legs for everyone. Chef Vikas remembers his struggling time at Ted […]

Cake Artist Swati Deroliya showcases Her Art in Web Collab

India is indeed an incredible place on the earth. The rich heritage of the country has been an inspiration for scientists to cake artist of today. An international Cake Collaboration named Incredible India was hosted for the cake artists of India. This Incredible India collaboration was one of its kind web contests in India. It […]

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