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Baked Alaska recipe to satisfy mom’s passion for frozen desserts


The popular dessert of the 70s, Baked Alaska is back to appeal to the people with a sweet tooth. Now the classic favorite comes with various twists. This iconic dessert is a combination of delicious cake and frozen ice cream. The dish almost melts in the mouth as the ice cream layer is topped with […]

What CBD-infused chocolate ice cream cake by Chole looks like?


Many regions of the world like North America have accepted marijuana. The year 2019 sees a shift of consumers from hemp to CBD. Chole’s plant-based restaurant took this well. Gasping at the numerous health benefits Chole resulted in FEELZ which is a limited edition CBD-infused cupcakes, cookie, and cakes. Mary Jane drama to stay long […]

5 amazing summer beverages from India to beat the heat!


Summer has already started and the sun is getting harsher. Indians have everything sorted out with their traditional summer beverages. Are you feeling exhausted from the heat? Beat the heat with these inexpensive fruity Indian coolers. It is fast to make them by mixing quite a few ingredients. Here is how. 1. Lassi The ace […]

Cinnamon Recipes you should not miss this holiday season


Cinnamon, the exotic spice, a great taste enhancer, is essential in every kitchen. Cinnamon recipes are full of flavor and aroma. The gorgeous queen of spices is as good in recipes from breakfast to desserts as in peas and mushroom curry. This signature spice enhances the tastes of all baking recipes too. Cinnamon provides beautiful […]

Celebrate Mother’s day with Tacos and Margarita


Mother is the best gift a child is born with. This mother’s day makes her feel special. How about your hand-cooked food surprising her? In fact, it will be a pleasant gift from her baby. But, are you still confused about what to prepare. We are here to rescue you from the dilemma. Who does […]

These best cheese in the world are the worst thing to miss


Is there anything better than the aroma of the baked vegetable of lasagne loaded heavily with cheese? Which is the best cheese in the world? Not sure?? Yes, the word “best cheese” is a very personalized thing and depends from person to person. For me every cheese is special and I absolutely love it! Cheese […]

Low investment Food Business Ideas to start at 16


To start a business at any age is very challenging. It requires a lot of sweat and patience. If you are passionate about cooking from childhood, then you should definitely start a food business at 16. The food business can gain huge profit with your innovative strategies. Though every business requires an investment, at 16 […]

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