Low investment Food Business Ideas to start at 16


To start a business at any age is very challenging. It requires a lot of sweat and patience. If you are passionate about cooking from childhood, then you should definitely start a food business at 16. The food business can gain huge profit with your innovative strategies.

Though every business requires an investment, at 16 years of age, you hardly can have huge money for investment. So to crack your concern this post focuses on 8 low investment food business ideas for you. These innovative food startups can fetch you a decent start. This is a valuable push you want.

Food truck


This mobile food delivery service is the most popular lucrative business. You don’t need any huge infrastructure. If you have a few thousands in your hand you can head start the food startup. Only a medium-sized truck and portable oven to cook are enough to begin.

You can easily choose the location of your food shop according to customer demand or footfall. I guess a college or hostel area or any place where young crowd hangout will be the ideal place. Key is serving a tasteful meal at a moderate price.

Ice cream parlor


People of every age love Ice cream. Investment in ice cream parlors is very less. Offer a unique flavor of ice cream or something like baked ice cream to attract customers to your new business. You can try a different presentation for more attraction. (We can help you in finding some unique tastes)

Juice shop


Juices help to hydrate our body. After the tiring day at the office or school, the juice fills the drain out energy. Put up a small fresh juice shop near any workplace or school. For this reason, your juice shop will be a great success.

Fast food shop

Teenagers love fast food. Recent studies say that selling fast food is the highest-grossing business. So a fast food business will be a huge success in small monetary investment.

Bakery shop


Some teenagers love baking, they can try this low-investment business. Bake cookies, and biscuits with different flavors or offer customized flavors. Kids love Butter cookies, melting moment cookies, and peanut cookies; while the diet-conscious women want sugar-free and oats cookies.

Kids love cookies of different cute shapes, give them what they really love. A cookie zoo; alphabets, and a shape that excites your target user… So this business is a great stressbuster for young bakers.

Cake making class


Cake-making is an art. If you master the skill of making a cake, then you easily do a great cake-making business. You can earn a lot from this business. The major plus is you can do it from your home.

Catering services


A catering service business is a great success if a bunch of teenagers works together. Food delivery service and catering are in high demand these days. It is required for a wedding, birthday parties, anniversaries, and Kitty Parties. Even with some investment, a teenager can appoint a cook to start the business.



Cafes near the roadside, offices, and colleges are very popular among people. Who does not loves coffee on the go? So opening a cafe business is a huge profit.

Also, for the growth of a new food business, you need to attract customers. A great marketing strategy is required in addition to innovative recipes and quality foods.

I hope you can do great and earn great profit in your business like the Chaat Company. We love to hear from you; do not forget to share your startup story.

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