10 ways to know that you’re doing Pizza The Right Way


Who does not love pizza? It is like love at first slice. From controlling instant hunger to serving the guest, pizza is the easiest tasty dish. Though it is the easiest Italian food to prepare it does have a margin of error to take care of. For a pizza lover, it is mandatory to know how to do the pizza the right way.

The most important thing about the pizza is the dough, rest is its topping. The customizable garnish may depend on the choice of veggies, cottage cheese, to pepperoni. When you look more into details, many things might not go according to its requirements.

Scroll down to know more about factors, and how to master the art of baking the perfect pizza easily.

1. Using the cold fermented dough

Give overnight time to ferment the dough. This is best for CO2 formation to make pizza tasty. But cold dough is not good to make pizza, so bring the dough from the refrigerator at least 1-2 hours before baking.

2. Measuring the ingredients

For preparing the right dough, cup measurement becomes quite risky. Therefore the pizza crust ends up being worst. Using scale measuring tools is important.

3. Stretching the dough


Rolling the pizza might lead to a stone-like crust, so stretching is a better option. Stretching leads to incorporating more air while preparing the dough, hence, making the base light and squishy.

4. The thickness of the dough

The pizza base should have a thickness of about ½ to ¼ inch. This prevents making the pizza slouchy or stone-like.

5. Use cornmeal

Cornmeal serves as a leavening agent as well as adds a rich flavor to the crust. Sprinkle a handful of cornmeal on the surface where the dough is to be rolled.

6. How much cheese are you using

The smell of baked cheese is tempting. But, your love for cheese should not overdo the pizza. Too much dairy weighs over the dough and results in splitting the dough. Use a wise mix of mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and provolone.

7. Minimal toppings

Toppings like cheese, chicken, and veggies weigh down the pizza. So it’s better to use the minimum amount to avoid cracks pizza crust. To prevent sogginess the toppings must lie on a spread of cheese or butter or mayonnaise.

8. Precook the toppings


Sometimes veggies and chicken sausages or steaks take a longer time to cook than the bake time. They remain uncooked, so precooking is a better option. Not all veggies need precooking.

9. Baking in a steel rack

In the oven, the steel rack withstands a higher heat capacity. So baking in a steel rack is convenient for getting soft yet crispy pizza.

10. Using preheated oven

The preheated oven provides a better heat blast. Usually, ovens are set at 450 F and 20 minutes before pizza baking. Some find their pizza soggy from the middle. This happens when pizza was not cooked at a lesser temperature than required.

I hope you keep these simple factors in mind before preparing the pizza next time. I can assure it will taste better than the store-bought one.

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