What CBD-infused chocolate ice cream cake by Chole looks like?


Many regions of the world like North America have accepted marijuana. The year 2019 sees a shift of consumers from hemp to CBD. Chole’s plant-based restaurant took this well. Gasping at the numerous health benefits Chole resulted in FEELZ which is a limited edition CBD-infused cupcakes, cookie, and cakes.

Mary Jane drama to stay long

No matter the popular drama ‘Being Mary Jane’ has concluded, the charm is not going to disappear soon. Chole’s CBD-infused Chill Cake relive the charm.

Mary Jane, ah, the chocolate ice cream cake is named so by Chole. The CBD frosting and beautiful green sprinklers make the Mary Jane Chill Cake unusual. This is a wheat and completely dairy-free delicious, light vegan cake. CBD oil-infused olive oil form base of the cake.

Recipe of CBD-infused Mary Jane chill cake-


  • Olive oil 150 ml
  • Caster Sugar 200 gm
  • Eggs 3
  • Boiling Water 125 ml
  • Almond flour 150 grams
  • Cocoa Powder 50 grams
  • Soda bicarbonate ½ Tsp
  • Salt a pinch
  • Vanilla extract 2 tsp


  • Blend 6-10 drops of CBD oil with olive oil.
  • In a bowl, add boiling water to the sieved cocoa powder and combine till all the lumps disappear. Blend vanilla extract in this runny paste mix.
  • Set the mix aside to cool.
  • Mix the almond flour, soda bicarb, and salt in another bowl.
  • Warm the oven at 150 degrees C. Prepare a springform cake tin and grease with some oil. Line the bottom of the mold with parchment paper.
  • In a bowl, beat the sugar, olive oil and eggs together until fluffy, thick, and aerated.
  • Add the cocoa mixture prepared in step 2. Mix in the almond combination spoon by spoon.
  • Pour the chocolate batter in the cake tin. Bake at 150 degrees C for 40-45 minutes.
  • Prick the cake with a toothpick as you had done while baking the gluten-free vanilla cake. The toothpick should either come out clean or with little crumbs. The softness means gooier it is.
  • Leave it on the wire rack for 10 minutes. This cools down the cake. Loosen the edges with a spatula and open the springform fastener.

You can enjoy the cooled or warm cake. The frosting is phenomenal for your dream cake. It is a very unique pudding when served with ice cream and fruit puree.

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Liza S @ cbdogle
4 years ago

This ice cream cake is like a piece of heaven and one bite is never enough for this chocolaty delight.The CBD really provides that health factor that you really need in your life, it helps with anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia.

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