Vegan diet: A revolution beyond Vegetarianism


Before we say goodbye to World Vegan month here is my post dedicated to vegan people and those who want to try the new vegan diet. The vegan lifestyle looks like a wildfire. Here is what it is and why you should opt for a vegan diet.

Veganism is a philosophy that is appealing to everyone, as a fashion or awareness of animal ethics or consciousness towards health. It advocates excluding diary and basically all animal products from the diet. Whether the word vegan is applied as a noun or an adjective eating out with the picky eaters or vegan friends is absolute fun.

The number of Vegan food lovers is increasing day to day so to complement the vegan lifestyle several plant-based eateries are budding.

vegan-dietVegan v/s Vegetarian

‘Vegan is not a vegetarian.’ Then, what is the difference? People tend to interchange the two terms. But the fact is, irrespective of abstaining meat consumption in both there is a hairline difference between the two. Vegans are a subset of vegetarians. While vegetarians do not eat animals, vegans are vegetarians who don’t even eat animal produce. They usually substitute normal milk with almond milk, butter with almond butter, etc.

About 16 million people in the US are vegetarian and approximate half of those are vegan.
Vegan is a conscious choice that may not be afraid of. You can cut the extra pounds while staying vegan with tasteful buckwheat breakfast recipes!

vegan-dietFacts you must know about veganism and vegan diet

  • Regular food items like Confectioner’s Glaze on Candy, Honey, Bread, Nutella, Beer, and Wine are out of the vegan ingredients list. So, always check “Suitable for Vegans” or “Certified Vegan” or “contains no animal ingredients” label on the product before consuming.
  • The mortality rate among vegans and vegetarians is lower in comparison to the carnivores. There are fewer chances of heart stroke in vegans.
  • The vegan diet lowers BMI, LDL, and glucose levels.

Moreover, according to PETA, per vegan diet saves the life of about 198 animals each year.

Is vegan food more expensive? No, absolutely not! It is a common misconception that a vegan diet is difficult to follow and maybe heavy on pocket. Then you must check this out how to avoid dairy and still make a super tasty vanilla cake.

There’s nothing more powerful than knowledge backed by scientific studies. Whether you simply want to expand your knowledge or have the inclination to turn into vegan this blog might interest you.

Stay educated and tune in for more vegan recipes right here.

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