Irresistible street food recipes from the World


Aromatic street food tickles the taste buds more than the cuisine of star hotels. When someone is traveling the first question of every foodie remain unchanged…How is the food?… What better than street food that one tastes to tell everything about any place’s food. It is the core of culinary heritage of that place. Street vendors offer off-beat snacks from the world no matter in which country you are.

Why Street food from local pathways?

Street food vendors offer the cheap option for food around the world. Thus the concept got popular with backpackers.

Khao-Pad-street-food-Bangkok1. Khao Pad– It is a fried rice recipe from Thailand that you find everywhere on the streets of Bangkok. The dish is prepared with jasmine rice and is accompanied with meat or seafood, especially prawn. To serve, a slice of lemon and chili company the main dish.

Gorditas_de_Aguascalientes-street-food-mexico2. Gorditas– Mexico is one of the best cities to enjoy street food. Gorditas are as popular as Tostadas, Quesadilla, or Churros. This chubby dish is a fried pastry stuffed with various fillings. The cornmeal dough masa is rolled into an oblong shape. Then, fried, slit, and stuffed with meat, cheese, chicharrón, nopal salad or lime juice and salsa.

3. Dürüm – Istanbul’s culinary delights are available on street too! Dürüm is a wrap made from lavash or wheat flatbread and stuffed with chicken, beef, veggie, and cheese. Hummus, masculine salad, and carrot accompanied this Turkish delight. A cup of Turkish coffee doubles the bliss.

Image courtesy: travelvui

4. Thai pork satay– Authentic satay street food from Bangkok! Thin flattened steaks of pork is marinated and skewed. The satay sticks barbecue over a long time.

Image courtesy: Tripadvisor

It is so popular that Bangkok’s “Dee Moo Satay” street food stall sells about 8000 Thai pork satay sticks only per day. Sometimes this meat dish serves as a snack while other time it may be the main course.

street-food-Bánh Mì5. Bánh Mì– Bánh Mì completes the list of off-beat street food. This Vietnamese sandwich is probably one of the best sandwiches in the world. Vietnamese baguette bread is slit and stuffed with pork sausage, pickled cucumber, carrot & daikon. Sprinkle with additive French condiments.

Ceviche-street-food-Peru6. Ceviche– Ceviche is a classic Peruvian street food. Unlike the above street foods from the world, this is a fish preparation. People in Peru are crazy about fish and consume almost four times the fish consumption by the US. The traditional recipe includes marinated portions of pink fish. Juice of Key lime or bitter orange with slivered onions, chili, salt, and pepper is used for marination. Serve with roasted sweet corn on cob and slices of sweet potato.

Image courtesy: Anova Culinary

7. Grilled Corn with Miso Honey Butter– Love to dig your teeth in corn cob? How about having it with honey? Yes, you heard it right… Grilled Corn with Miso Honey Butter is a popular recipe from Japan. You will like this sweet and delicious twist as much as Japanese do.

street-food-Egg-waffles8. Egg waffles– Hong Kong street food has a craze nowadays. Egg waffle is also known as bubble waffle, puffle, egglet, Egg puff, and gai daan jai. A batter of sugar, eggs, evaporated milk, and flour is prepared. Spread the waffle batter between plates with semi-spherical cells to cook. Serve the Egg waffles hot. Sometimes strawberry, chocolate, or coconut flavors or fruits are served with it.

The above street food recipes are finding a place among already established varieties. These are strong contenders of Tacos, Falafel, Crêpe, hotdogs, Pani Puri, Aloo Tikki, and Tunde Kabab.

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