Indian Teacakes: Traditional Teacake From Rustic Kerala


Super moist cakes woo every taste bud. Tea cakes are the simplest bake out of your oven that served with tea or coffee. A tea cake is a sweet bun toasted and layered with butter or jam. You love to eat it as much as your kids do. The recipes vary a little in different countries. Have you ever thought of it as a traditional Indian tea time snack? Yes, you heard it right. A Traditional Indian Tea-Time Recipe. The perfectly baked cake is a star attraction for evening teatime.

We have our own set of teacakes.

Image Courtesy: Korena in the Kitchen

Mawa cake of Rajasthan and fried Vettu cake from Tamil Nadu and Kerala villages may interest you. The exclusive sweet flavor of the rural recipes creates sweet memories indeed. Here, I dig into the beautiful natural bounty of Kerala. Vedi cake or Vettu cake is small traditional fried tea cake from the bakeries of Kerala. The cake forms crack on frying. Vettu means cracks in Tamil. You may find this teacake on any village tea stall till now. It’s difficult to find Fried Sweetened Teacake in the urban towns.

A perfect Vettu cake is a simple 30-minute recipe. With so many tea cakes recipes available on the internet it is quite confusing to figure out the authentic one. Here it is…


With only a couple of ingredients, this tea cake is made from the common ingredients available on your kitchen rack. In India, the quick and easy dense sponge cake is prepared with 4 ingredients, refined flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. In countries like Australia, a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon flavor the cake. In England, the cake contains dried fruits.

As per the tradition serve the bite-size cake warm accompanied with tea. Caramel sauce or cream poured over the cake calls for a lovely dessert recipe.

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