Hindu-Muslim solidarity has demonstrated grit from time to time. This ‘Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai Aapas Mein Sab Bhai’ thought lived up in a startup network as well. There are heap such instances of Hindu-Muslim Startups that turned out to be the best new businesses. One such is The Chat Company, which qualified as the Food startup of the year 2018.

While a thought sprouted in night vanishes till morning for some, Anshu Dua and Shiraz Noor took the courage to convey their thought forward. Catching up with the present pattern in the food industry the duo decided to take the Indian street food to New York. YES! Now, you can’t miss fragrant Indian chat abroad. You find little India as a chaat company in a foreign country.

In spite of the fact that numerous food startups of 2018 have given remarkable services to their customers, ‘The Chaat Company’ stands out in the market.

The Chaat Company

It is an incredible venture of Anshu Dua and Shiraz Noor. Being the cofounders of the company they have denoted the historical backdrop of being a Hindu and Muslim cooperating for a shared objective.


As Chat is the most widely-eaten snack in India, the duo chose to bring it out of lanes of India to the remote land.

The tangy street fast food is a mix of horde solid flavors, sharpness, and appealing texture. Chaat refreshes anyone’s mood, be it a child, student, adult or an old person. It gathers people from all age groups and all walks of life.

The Chaat Company is at the mission to stand out in the unending list of appetizing fast foods and mouth-watering Indian Cuisines. Think of New Delhi Nachos, Mumbai mix, Savory Yogurts, and probably everything you name, the chaat company brings to you. Here at the Chaat Company, you will experience the magic and menu of crunchiness. The madness of spices along with the tanginess of fresh chaat is prepared ON-SITE by their veteran culinary team.


It is a complete treat with an incredible blend of Indian hip-hop beats, street games (carom) and swag giveaways. Feels like as if you hopped up to a chaat cart in the streets of Mumbai. You can have a look at the chaat company at Google. We Work, Big Spaceship, Verizon, IBM, Players Tribune and many others are raving about.

It’s more than chaat…

They not only provide chaat but also provide drinks and sweets to go with it. Some of the varieties include

  • Chaat Varieties- Aloo Tikki, Paprl Chaat, Pav Bhaji, Dahi Vada, Dhokla, Bhel Puri, etc.
  • Drinks- Nimbu Pani, Jaljeera and Chal.
  • Sweets- Kheer, Gajar Halwa, and Kaju Katli.

Once you have a chaat on a foreign land you will remember the flavor forever. What’s more, the fragrance and taste will propel you to visit and have the chaat once more. So, enjoy the flavors of chaat and have a delectable ordeal.

In the event that you need to host a chaat get-together with pals, contact them at

Flower Foods, Kettle Foods, Bread Talk, Kaslink, Daiya Foods, The Pickle Juice Company, MELT Organic, Peeled Snacks, and Farmhouse Culture are some of the other outstanding food startups of 2018.


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