Tips and Tricks of Beginning a Food Startup in India


In this cut-throat competitive era, the job uncertainty is in everyone’s head. Thinking out of the box and initiating a food startup can prove to bring home bacon to you.

Why should you consider starting a food business in India?

You know groundwork is necessary before starting any business. Well, you need to have eagle’s eye. People in India are Foodaholics so the idea can prove worthy and lead you to meet new heights.

food-startup-meterAs food is the foremost necessity of every being, a perfectly planned food startup will never fade even in challenging times. These are the sole reasons why many aspiring entrepreneurs can milk. Many have initiated in the culinary industry and some are still planning for. If you too are an aspirant do study the food scene in India.

Passion is the foremost for a Successful food startup

Not many but quite a few are pursuing a part-time food business. Even heard of an engineer having food hut, why the hell an engineer need to run a cart…PASSION! Your love for food can be the full-time career.

Making money from food startup should not only be the sole purpose of an aspirant. Start small but steady. Prior knowledge of food safety and hygiene; and food handling practices is mandatory. Get an FSSAI certificate, which is a Government license to run a food delivery business.

good-foodWhat setup works for you?

One can have myriad food startup setup options when it comes to having a food business.
• Owning a bakery shop
• Having a coffee shop
• Own a buffet restaurant
• Candy making business

• Food delivery app
• If good at teaching skills then can have cooking classes managed by own
• Your food startup can also be a catering business
• Have a food cart. It is a hot concept food startup

hyperlocal-food-startup• Own an online grocery shop in the digitalized world
• Seafood selling business
• Make tea bags
• Ice cream shop
• Have a Juice bar/ Tea bar
• Open an organic food store, etc.

Food-photography-foodstartupToday the customers are very vigilant. Select an option from these food startup choices, keeping in mind the demand, investment, and availability of raw material.

Here I would like to add one more point. Don’t hesitate to take the first step. Start small, introduce innovative ideas and sure the business will selling a vada pav on a handcart. Invest your brain in the concept and I’m waiting to hear your success story.

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5 years ago

Good explanation very nice article.
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