Melt in mouth cheesecake is a real beauty. In our American cake series today we will learn a traditional layered dessert – The New York Cheese Cake. Creamy and luscious New York cheesecake has loveliness of taste. This cheesy delight provides the mind-blowing savor to your taste buds.

The decadent dessert is easy to make. The simple combination of butter, biscuits, and cheese make a divine combination. The low-calorie replacements have cut the calories. This recipe takes away the worries of those on diets. Low in calories yet the same delicious flavor attracts everyone to the dining table. So, foodies go ahead and prepare the mouth-watering dessert to woo everyone around.

Essential gears for New York Cheesecake:

Mixing Bowls
Hand Mixer
Springform Cake Pan
Non-stick spray

• Extra-light cream cheese 400g
• Greek yogurt 250g
• Vanilla essence 1 tsp
• Honey 4 tbsp
• Golden caster sugar 75g
• Grated zest of 1 lemon
• Corn flour 2 tbsp
• Eggs, beaten 2


Hulled Raspberry, Sliced Strawberry, Apricot jam, or Fresh sliced Kiwi (optional)

For the base
• Unsalted low-fat butter 50g
• Digestive biscuits 175g
• Honey 1tbsp

Step 1: Making the Buttery crust of New York Cheese Cake-

Take the digestive biscuits in a mixer and pulse to crush them.

In a mixing bowl take the crushed biscuits. Add low-fat butter at room temperature and a tablespoon of honey. Mix them well with fingertips into a cookie style crumbly mix.

Step 2: Spray non-stick spray to the sides and bottom of springform cake tin.

Transfer the crumbled mix in the cake tin and pat it to form an equal thick crust (2 cm). Refrigerate for ½ an hour.

Step 3: Making the second cheesy layer of New York cheesecake-

Take low-fat cream cheese in a glass bowl. Read the recipe for homemade cream cheese
Add the cheese with sugar. Beat them together by hand mixer to blend well.

Add vanilla essence, honey, caster sugar, cornflour and the eggs one by one.
Now add greek yogurt and fold it in lightly. Enhance flavor by adding lemon zest.

Adding-Cheesecake-BatterTake out the pan from freeze and pour the cream mixture over it.

Step 4: Time to bake New York cheesecake-
Preheat the oven to 160°C. Put the pan in the oven, bake for another 55-60 minutes.

Step 5: Add the topping of your choice on cooled cake.

Cheesecake-with-different-toppingsMy personal favorite is apricot jam, the recipe of which I will share with you soon.


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