Top 10 beers to celebrate International Beer Day with!


International Beer Day has been a cause for celebration worldwide since 2007. Originating in a Santa Cruz neighborhood in California, this celebration has now spread to 207 cities in 6 continents over 80 countries. The purpose of this day is as golden as the drink it toasts to. It helps friends and family get together and enjoy over a drink. International beer day also celebrates those who craft and brew this drink.

To help you soak in the spirit of this day, we have compiled a list of the best beer brands you can check out – you know. Fret not, we also mentioned the prices so that you know how it might affect your pockets.

• Budweiser – MRP Rs 160 for 650 ml (can):

This is a pale lager beer with 5.0% alcohol content, and has consistently ranked as a top favorite throughout the world. The rich and smooth taste of this beer is owing to the 30% content of rice, in addition to hops and barley. This is a filtered beer, sold in packaged and draught forms. Anheuser-Busch manufactures Budweiser.

• Heineken – MRP Rs 190 for 650 ml:

This Dutch brand has been an absolute favorite with the beer-loving crowd all over the globe. Discernible due to its signature green bottle. This pale lager has a unique fresh taste with its 5.0% alcohol content.

• Corona Extra –MRP Rs 280 for 355 ml:

This high-end Mexican import beer costs a little bit extra, but it delivers. With an alcohol content of 4.5%, this pale lager is easy-going, light and not much carbonation.

• Hoegaarden – MRP Rs 280 for 330 ml:

Straight outta Belgium, this beer is perfect for the summer. Light and citrus, the wheat beer has an alcoholic content of 4.9%. This beer gives a cloudy appearance because it is unfiltered. It is drunk with a slice of lemon, and it is still followed in some bars.

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• Oranjeboom –MRP Rs 267 (approx.) for 330 ml:

Not to be fooled by the name, this Dutch beer is a through and through lager. This European import boasts of the light malt and flavorsome hops. Oranjeboom boast of traditional northern notes.

• Asahi Japan No.1 – MRP Rs 285 for 330 ml:

This Japanese beer is crisp, clean and with a somewhat controlled bitterness. A subtle aroma of citrus lager is well balanced in its taste. This is pale golden in color.

• Guinness – MRP Rs 490 for 440 ml (can):

If you want to feel really good after just one swig, then Guinness is the one for you. It has a burnt taste, owing to roasted unmalted and malted barley. It is characterized by a thick and creamy head, which comes as a result of the beer coming in contact with carbon dioxide and nitrogen when it is poured.

• Estrella Damm Barcelona – MRP Rs 170 for 350 ml:

This Spanish beer is the perfect light lager to chill with. It is light bottled, refreshing, a good flavor holding its own and it has a very smooth finishing.

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• Carlsberg – MRP Rs 140 for 650 ml:

A crowd favorite, this lager is well-balanced with sweet malt and bitter-tasting hops. It is light and easygoing, though with enough flavor to understanding that you are drinking a lager.

• Tsingtao – MRP Rs 180:

The latest and the best from China is high on malt and has a high taste of hops. Tsingtao has pleasant aroma coupled with a balanced taste. This beer is made from spring water in Laoshan – a mountainous area famous for the purity of its water.

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