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Baked Alaska recipe to satisfy mom’s passion for frozen desserts


The popular dessert of the 70s, Baked Alaska is back to appeal to the people with a sweet tooth. Now the classic favorite comes with various twists. This iconic dessert is a combination of delicious cake and frozen ice cream. The dish almost melts in the mouth as the ice cream layer is topped with […]

What CBD-infused chocolate ice cream cake by Chole looks like?


Many regions of the world like North America have accepted marijuana. The year 2019 sees a shift of consumers from hemp to CBD. Chole’s plant-based restaurant took this well. Gasping at the numerous health benefits Chole resulted in FEELZ which is a limited edition CBD-infused cupcakes, cookie, and cakes. Mary Jane drama to stay long […]

Gluten-free and dairy-free vanilla cake for your sweet tooth


Craving for some delicious birthday cake but on diet? Do you think a gluten-free diet is boring? Well, it is not. Bake a beautiful milky cake at home this birthday. The moist gluten-free vanilla cake recipe will leave you spellbound as it melts in your mouth. The cake is light and gooey with lots of […]

Christmas Diaries- Authentic Christmas cake Recipe


Christmas celebration without Christmas cake is absolutely incomplete. Anyone who has a sweet tooth waits for December for the flavorful Christmas cake. If Santa Claus is the reason for kids to wait for Christmas; delicious cake lures everyone. Here, we present the mouth-watering authentic Christmas cake recipe to add stars to the celebration. Ingredients Black […]

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