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How to begin your food styling and photography journey?

What tempts you to purchase a packet of chips or a cool milkshake can? Perhaps crunchy chips sound effect or dunked cherry splashing milk in an audiovisual. Be it editorial food styling for a magazine or TV commercial or film, learning the basics of food styling gives you an upper hand. The hand behind food […]

Why should you try TikTok Pink Sauce


Food businesses are tricky territory. The TikTok pink sauce controversy is the latest swear. Tiktok’s pink sauce story began when a Miami-based tiktokker named Veronica Shaw or Carly Pii posted a video of her homemade pink sauce. The condiment memes are taking over the internet since June 2022. Pii’s chain of videos showed its use […]

Vegan diet: A revolution beyond Vegetarianism


Before we say goodbye to World Vegan month here is my post dedicated to vegan people and those who want to try the new vegan diet. The vegan lifestyle looks like a wildfire. Here is what it is and why you should opt for a vegan diet. Veganism is a philosophy that is appealing to […]

Natural foods that effectively reduce belly fat


Tired of trying to reduce stubborn belly fats? Have hooked on to search, “natural food to reduce belly fat”? You have landed in the right place. A diet with less fat content and healthier natural foods can help you lose the flab around belly fast. Daily exercise will reduce the weight gradually but the fat […]

Hindu-Muslim food Startup at zenith: The Best Food startup of 2018


Hindu-Muslim solidarity has demonstrated grit from time to time. This ‘Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai Aapas Mein Sab Bhai’ thought lived up in a startup network as well. There is a heap of such instances of Hindu-Muslim Startups that turned out to be the best new businesses. One such is The Chat Company, which qualified as […]

Bihari Boti Recipe for Eid ul Adha: Celebration food of Pakistan


I am a wanderer and a big foodie, as you all might have experienced from the variety of recipes I share. This time I’m in India! Bihar! The beautiful country has great culture, be it festivals, fairs, people or food. Bihar too is rich in varieties of dishes and that is absolutely sinful for a […]

Best kulfi spots in Jaipur to chill the scorching heat


The local “kulfiwala”, gives the first sense of summer. Whenever this ice cream street vendor hits the bell to cling, young and old take the heart out and they instantly pull to its charm. Jaipur has some popular brick-and-mortar stores that serve this traditional ice cream, but what a pleasure to eat on a Thela. […]

Celebrate Mother’s day with Tacos and Margarita


Mother is the best gift a child is born with. This mother’s day makes her feel special. How about your hand-cooked food surprising her? In fact, it will be a pleasant gift from her baby. But, are you still confused about what to prepare. We are here to rescue you from the dilemma. Who does […]

Low investment Food Business Ideas to start at 16


To start a business at any age is very challenging. It requires a lot of sweat and patience. If you are passionate about cooking from childhood, then you should definitely start a food business at 16. The food business can gain huge profit with your innovative strategies. Though every business requires an investment, at 16 […]

5 best Asparagus recipes for anytime hunger


The Asparagus season has just started. Asparagus recipes full of fibers, vitamin E, C, and K has numerous health benefits. Why not take advantage of nutritious slender crunchy sticks by adding this to your regular meals? The vegetable is largely available in grocery stores from April to June. The fresh cultivated asparagus comes in various […]

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