Why should you try TikTok Pink Sauce


Food businesses are tricky territory. The TikTok pink sauce controversy is the latest swear. Tiktok’s pink sauce story began when a Miami-based tiktokker named Veronica Shaw or Carly Pii posted a video of her homemade pink sauce. The condiment memes are taking over the internet since June 2022. Pii’s chain of videos showed its use with French fries or tacos.

What is pink sauce?

According to Internet sources, Chef Pii (this is what her Instagram handle reads), a mom of two and a private Chef, become experimental. The drizzling deep magenta dressing of fried chicken spun fame for her overnight.

Despite the series of pink sauce videos, Chef Pii remains tight-lipped about the taste of the dip. The anonymity ran into mining answers for “What exactly does it compose of?” and “What herbs made up the pink sauce?”. Later, the label is made available on the official site before putting it up for trade. It reads the pink sauce ingredients include dragon fruit pulp, sunflower seed oil, water, distilled vinegar, honey, lemon, citric acid, milk, and salt.

Several YouTubers have reverse-engineered the TikTok pink sauce recipe to reveal the infamous tangible palate.
It was available for $20 on the pink sauce website until some days back, but I just checked again to buy one to reveal the authentic review for you and bump….IT IS NOT THERE!

What made the viral sauce vanish?

The pink sauce squabble

The pink sauce drama was fostered when people pointed out the color variation of the dip from video to video. So, netizens questioned its color consistency. The TikTokker lady delved into many other disputes like spelling mistakes, missed ingredients in nutritional labels, and no mention of FDA certification on the packaging.

Yet, after a couple of tantrums, Chef Pii proclaimed she followed all the standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in her creation.

USFDA declares the mandate of registration for the manufacturers of dressing and condiments along with setting standards on manufacturing and testing practices, labeling, and technical proprieties.

The pink sauce tiktok controversy doesn’t stop here! Preservatives that ensure shelf life also were not mentioned on the nutritional label. Doesn’t it need refrigeration? Doesn’t having milk in the sauce reduce the stability of the concoction? Consuming this dip which takes days to reach may be harmful to your health; however, there is no evidence of the same.

The “Pink Sauce Lady” seems to have miscalculated the nutritional value of the indigenous sauce.

A little maths…

The packing of the pink sauce bottle says it equals 444 servings of 14.4 grams each at 90 calories. This means nearly 40,000 calories per bottle which doesn’t add up, thinking it to be a falsified claim. Everything seems to be done in a clandestine way, and Chef Pii has to start from scratch to work in the food industry.

Facts that should be kept in mind before consuming Pink Sauce

  1. Strawberry pear, dragon fruit, or pitaya is rich in antioxidants. It fights free radicals, preventing chronic diseases.
  2. The vinegar and oil combination is flavorful and healthy.
  3. Generally, it is good to consume a fruit and milk combination immediately.
  4. 227 grams of dragon fruit contains only 3 grams of protein. So, it is acceptable to mix the milk and dragon fruit according to general chemistry protocol.
  5. The low-calorie fruit has a flair share of carotenoids, polyphenols, betacyanins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

It seems Tiktok has become a house of weird food combinations. From homemade “sunflower soup” that went viral earlier this year to this homemade “pink sauce”, the food experiments have fetched mixed reviews from the audience. I believe YOU SHOULD TRY IT ONCE, and do tell me your comments below. Would you like to recommend it to others?

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