25 comfort foods from Pakistan the world would love too

Pakistani comfort foods are tasty and fun to cook. The food tends to be rich and on the spicier side. Pakistani cuisine itself is quite diverse. It reflects the nation’s diversity and can be enjoyed by people all around the world. Whether their love is for spicy food or their tastes lean towards the sweet or savory side, the cuisine is lip-smacking.

Here are twenty-five comfort foods from Pakistan that are enjoyed all over the world.

1. Sajji: Sajji is the favorite dish of the Baloch community in Pakistan. The papaya paste marinated lamb or chicken, stuffed with rice skewed over coals. Everyone should experience tasting this delicacy.

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2. Lahori Fish: When gastronomy is in focus, how one can forget palatable Lahori cuisine. Lahori fried fish is a classic Pakistani styled spicy, crunchy comfort food recipe. Fish fillets are marinated in aromatically spiced chickpea batter and fried. Well, as the name suggests the dish originated in Lahore of Punjab region of Pakistan. Yet, it is famous in many regions like Uttar Pradesh in India.

3. Kadchgallis: Kadchagallis is a sweet cheese flavored with the right amount of salt. It is rubbery yellow cheese and made with sheep milk (or sometimes camel milk).

comfortfoods-noon-chai4. Sheer chai: Every Asian loves tea. It is a drink in the list of comfort foods but is a significant mention. Sheer chai from Pakistan is pink-colored green tea flavored with salt and pistachios. This pinkish hue is due to sodium bicarbonate.

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5. Bakarkhani: Bakarkhani is a true companion of tea. It is a biscuit like thick flatbread with a crusty surface. Variants like Bakarkhani naan can also be found in Pakistan. It is definitely a must try.

Image courtesy: Masala TV

6. Bihari Boti: This recipe uses chunks of chicken or beef. The pieces are marinated with raw papaya to tenderize it. Add yogurt, gram flour, chili, cumin, ginger-garlic paste, lemon Juice, and fried onion paste to the marinade. Added mustard oil to this gives a nice aroma and characteristic brassica’s flavor. The botis are either baked or barbecued.

Image courtesy: Rehmat-e-Shereen

7. Multani/Sohan Halwa: The brittle caramel colored dish is loved in India as much as in Pakistan. The ingredients to make Sohan Halwa are milk, sugar, water, and cornflower. This Persia originated halwa is one of the great comfort foods for a person with the sweet tooth.

Image courtesy: kfoods.com

8. Taftan: Taftan is Persian bread cooked with Yoghurt, milk, and eggs. Saffron and cardamom powder adds flavor with poppy seeds make the dish delectable.

Image courtesy: Chef-Shamsher

9. Gushtaba is popularly known as the ‘dish of kings’. It consists of minced meatballs cooked in thick gravy of yogurt and is delicious, to say the least.

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Shami-Kabab-comfort-food-Pakistan10. Shami Kabab: This Indian origin snack is one of the popular comfort foods in Pakistan. The flat meatballs are prepared from the minced meat of lamb or chicken. Kids, as well as elders, love it. Pakistani Shami kabab makes an important part of Eid celebration.

Image courtesy: The amazing recipes

11. Aloo Keema: This comfort food is a slow-cooked lean meat and potato curry. Into the spluttering whole spices, cook the minced lamb or beef with a lot of aromatic and flavorful herbs.

Pakistan-cuisine-kulfi-comfort-foods12. Kulfi: This frozen dairy dessert is one of the comfort foods popular in Asian countries. The word Kulfi came from a Persian word Qufli which means “covered cup”. It is a dense preparation made from full-fat milk and sugar. Sometimes a variety of flavorings may be added too.

Karachi-halwa-comfort-food-recipe13. Karachi Halwa: Karachi Halwa is another one from the list of Pakistani comfort foods. Turkish in origin, this sweet bears the goodness of nuts and pumpkin seeds. This vibrant, colorful jellied sweet is a feast for the taste buds.

Pakistan-cuisine-saffron-cashew-bal-mithai14. Saffron and cashew bal mithai: This is colloquially dubbed as ‘chocolate’ even though it has no cocoa in it. Thickened milk cooked down for hours with cane sugar make yet another sweet delicacy.

Shakarkandi-ki-kheer-comfort-foods15. Shakarkandi ki kheer: You might have of heard of the name from your grandma too. Made of grated sweet potato and rice flour, it is a great example of comfort food. Traditionally, it is eaten cold, but some prefer it hot. Have you known earlier that Shakarkandi ki kheer is one of the popular comfort foods of Pakistan?

Image courtesy: HungryForever

16. Zarda: This sweet rice recipe is rich Pakistan sweet. The nuts, raisins, and cardamom make it flavorful, best looking, and most delicious desserts out there.

Image courtesy: Evernew Recipes

17. Gosht Dopiaza: This main course recipe is a delicious lamb curry with onions in it. This is a must try for everyone who likes Pakistani cuisine.

Image courtesy: ARY Zauq

18. Yakhni pulao: The word yakhni means meat stock in Persian. Yakhni Pulao is one of the most delicious and unique comfort foods the country has to offer.

Image courtesy: Neel’s-corner

19. Karahi Chicken: Traditional chicken cooked with green peppers, onions, and tomatoes is one of the best comfort foods from Pakistan. The dish has its origin in Pukhtun. Karahi chicken has robust flavors. It is a must-have dish on Eid-ul-azha platter. The recipe is hot and only recommended if you can tolerate the heat of green chilies.

Image courtesy: Amazing Recipes

20. Omelette Paratha: This brunch recipe is one of the most desired comfort foods in Pakistan. It is a fried paratha or flatbread with veggie-laden egg omelet inside. You can enjoy it over tea too.

Beef-Nihari-comfort-foods21. Nihari: Nihari is a warm and filling dish made of lamb, or sometimes with chicken. It is a spicy dish where lots of coriander is used.

Image courtesy: Zesty South Indian Kitchen

22. Sheermal: It resembles naan, but is richer, sweeter and slightly caramelized. Can be eaten alone, or with a chai and is also contrasted against spicy dishes. In any combination, this is one of the good comfort foods.

chicken-chapli-kabab-comfort-food-Pakistan-Food-Fusion23. Chapli Kabab: Made of minced meat. It is as spicy as it is delicious. Chapli Kabab is a specialty of Mardaan in Pakistan.

Image courtesy: Food Fusion

24. Mutanjan: Like Zarda, Mutanjan is one of the tastiest rice comfort foods. Delicious fruits are added to it, and rice grains lend it a lot more color.

Image courtesy: The spice spoon

25. Khagina: This comfort food preparation requires eggs, chopped onions, and tomatoes. It is enjoyed with several of the popular loaves of bread.

The above 25 comfort foods are the star of Pakistani cuisine. The cuisine concentrates its flavor around aromatic herbs and natural spices. Some are quick and easy to make while some need more patience. But, this patience is worth to taste the delectable flavors.

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