Your way to Afghani appetite – top 5 Afghani recipe secrets


Foodies like me find Afghani food as a favorite cuisine. Food has no boundaries so this time I am in Afghanistan. Being a vast country with a rich blend of ethnicities in it, Afghani recipes are famous all over the world and it would be sinful for a foodie like me to miss out on the chance of framing the best food forms Afghanistan.

From vegetarian to non-vegetarian cuisines, Afghani cuisine has it all.

Afghani foods are very unique as it has a perfect mixture of exotic spices and luscious varieties. Afghan recipes are never about the same amount of spices but a lot more than that. Though there may be some identical qualities in Afghani foods, one can never match the level of creativity.

In short, cooking Afghan dishes is creative. From starters to main courses to desserts, Afghani cuisine has it all. Unlike Indian cuisine, they prefer foods that are neither too spicy nor too bland. You can also find a variety of seasonings and dressing of food in this cuisine.

Borrowing a slight touch of all the neighboring countries like Pakistan and Middle East countries, this cuisine is known for its kormas, Kabuli pulao, kababs, Roasts, etc.

Today, I’m going to unveil the top 5 innovative approaches to improve your Afghan Food recipe.

I will make sure that your guests gobble it all by heart.

1. Right blend of Spices


Afghan spices are famous all over the world for their exotic flavors which differentiate the dishes from others. Always remember less is more. So, for getting a flavor of every spice adequate portions should be used. Seasoning with spices after the food too is an important part of the cooking.

2. Using proper Utensils

Not only spices but utensils play a major role in Afghan cooking. The use of Seekh for making kababs and Samovars is important in the Afghan cooking utensils list. Seekh is long steel skewers and Samovars used for storing boiled water for the preparation of cups of tea.

3. Using the right amount of oil

Yes, Afghani foods are fatty dishes but they can be customized according to your climate. Animal fats already contain a lot of oil, so if u living in a tropical country try to use an adequate amount of oil or ghee.

4. Marinate is the key success

For tenderizing the meat they marinate it with yogurt, salt, lemon, and ginger. Yogurt also imparts a tangy flavor to the dishes.

5. Cooking time


Not only the right amount of spices but the mixing is also important.

Using an adequate amount of cooking time and the right amount of heat is quite important. We often tend to overlook the time to cook. Boiling more than the given time makes the dish worse. Afghanis use coal to cook dishes. So here is a trick, if you grill the meat in the oven; keep a piece of heated coal in between after taking it out from the oven, to have the same authentic aroma.

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his appetite, these small approaches will make sure that you are able to make your own creative way to reach your man’s heart with these top 5 Afghan recipe cooking secrets.

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