Indian delight Gujiya: How to get your dumpling recipe right


Referring to the Indian desserts the unimaginable reflex arch strikes and taste can take you to the essence of past. Dessert makes everyone go weak within the knees. It is a heat blanket on a chilly winter evening there’s no denying the fact, that desserts provide an appropriate finish to any meal. A special Indian sweet, Gujiya makes any moment special. It is branded by diverse names in different regions of the country…..ahhhh across the world!

Gujia: A Mouthwatering Dish

Indians have a preference for sweets, no doubt. Gujiyais one in every of the foremost favorite Indian sweet. It is an integral part of the festivals like Holi and Diwali and sometimes on Christmas. It’s a sweet dumpling with a coat of sugar syrup to make it sweeter. The Gujiya is, of course, a pan-India special stuffed with khoya and dry fruits.

Enjoy its Uniqueness with something else

May it be savory Karanji of Maharashtra or Calzone from the west. hot dumplings have their own explicit flavor. Though contrasting with the sweet Gujiya they are equally lip-smacking. None of the sweets served-at-room-temperature may match the traditional flavor of Gujiyas.

You can have a unique rose flavor with Gulkand Gujiya. Click here to read the recipe

Pamper your Tastebuds even more

Sweet_Gujiya_RecipeThe khoya, evaporated milk, would be melting somewhat within the casing of maida. There would be more of the caramelized sugar flavors and a robust fragrance of drawn butter. The dumplings are usually deep-fried within clarified butter for the authentic taste.

Gujiya_in_frying_panThe Popularity says it all:

Hand-made Gujiyas are currently a lost or dying heritage of our pasts. The Gujiyas may be a reflection of India’s composite past. It reflects a fusion of identities in India—and a fusion of tastes that happened within the Mughal era.

Gujiyas are a great delight for the people who watch what they eat too. Just with the replacement of khoya which is high in fat and baking makes them good enough.

The dumplings are a glorious addition to snacks. Stuffing them with dry fruits instead of khoya can help let go off a lot of saturated fat. In India, there’s no occasion too inconsequential for mithai-small, moveable and sometimes milk sweets.

You’ll be able to feel the melting moments once grabbing- From kheer to Pedas. They could have a disparate essence with unassociated style.

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