Osmania Biryani Masala Recipe


Biryani is a one-pot meal hailing from Persia. The juicy delicacy of aged rice and succulent pieces of chicken cooked with spices walked down to various regions of India, adding a unique flavor to the recipe. Osmania biryani tops the choice. If you have been wondering how to make biryani masala which is pure bliss and free from preservatives, you are in the right place.

On the occasion of first World biryani day, 3 July 2022, we are revealing the magical secret spice mix of Hyderabadi biryani from south India.


Nutmeg                                           1/2

Cloves                                             1 tsp

Dried red chilies                              5

Turmeric powder                           1 tsp

Cumin seeds                                 1 tbsp

Bay leaves                                      3

Caraway leaves                             1 tbsp

Mace                                               4

Coriander seeds                            3 tbsp

Fennel seeds                                1 tsp

Cinnamon sticks                            2

Black cardamom                           3

Green cardamom                          8

Black Pepper                                1 tbsp

Star Anise                                     2


  • Heat a pan and dry roast the spices for a few minutes to remove any contained moisture.
  • Grind the spices with a teaspoon of salt in fine powder.

Now you can prepare a fresh batch of aromatic Osmania biryani masala anytime. Don’t forget to add more flavor to the biryani with Hazlenut topping.

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