Homemade Cream Cheese simplified for tasty recipes


Want to prepare carob bean gum and carrageenan free cream cheese? Or, it is difficult to find ready-made cream cheese frosting in your area? Well, this blog is for my bakers who confide in homemade cream cheese for their dessert and savory dishes. There are millions of methods to learn to make cream cheese. Let’s have a look at the darn simplest of them. This is a rennet-free version of homemade cream cheese and is that easy for a beginner cheese maker.


Full-Fat milk 4 cups
Lemon/White Vinegar 2-3 tablespoon
Salt ½ teaspoon

Equipment required-

Muslin cloth
Stainless Steel Pot


Step 1

1) culture the milk:

Heat the milk to 86 degree F in a pot.

Lower the flame and mix lemon juice in batches with stirring in up-and-down strokes. The milk began to curdle. The whey is separating.

Cover the pot and keep it aside for around 12 hours. After 12 hours the culture worked to the fullest.

Step 2

2) Strain the cheese curd

seive-curdled-milk-for-homemade-cream-cheeseTake a colander, spread doubled cheesecloth in it. Pour the cultured milk over it.
Gather the ends of muslin cloth. Hang up above a bowl to drain out all water from it.

Step 3

3) Churning

homemade-cream-cheeseAfter 6 hours or when the whey drains out completely, break the cheese into pieces. Take these pieces, 3-4 tablespoon whey and a teaspoon of salt in a blender.

Churn to get a smooth velvety cream cheese. At this stage, you can add herbs or minced garlic for flavoring as you like it over the cheese cracker.

Make your own cream cheese anytime with only 4 steps in your kitchen. This flavorsome homemade cream cheese is as good as one from Philadelphia. Now, you can prepare various recipes and sauces within seconds.

The homemade cream cheese with mashed potatoes makes delectable savory recipe. Sauces like alfredo sauce and pasta sauce with cream cheese taste amazing. Other than this trifle pudding, tiramisu cake, and red velvet cake is a must try.

homemade-cream-cheese-recipe-with-mesophilic-cultureTip: You may use mesophilic culture and rennet as the starter in hot milk.
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