G20 summit Bharat Mandapam All veg lunch Menu

India has successfully organized the 18th G20 Summit. The Bharat Mandapam crafted to serve global leaders is pride and gained praise from everyone. It celebrated the indigenous culinary heritage of India and global diplomacy during the summit.

While the summit focused on the theme of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ with prominent global leaders discussing action on global challenges, the special all-vegetarian lunch planned for them captured the limelight. Bharat Mandapam reflects the cultural diversity of India through food.

Different cuisines and chat dishes are the soul of India. The menu included lip-smacking street food from Chandni Chowk to regional favorites.

And not to be missed were specially curated millet recipes that honor the International Year of Millet. The legacy of ancient grains was the spotlight of main and side events. ITC Hotels was the catering partner of this 2-day summit. Though it was not easy to discover the entire menu, we dug into the caterer’s space and came to know some of the lunch menus –

  • Zafrani gucchi pulao (saffron mushroom rice)
  • Paneer tilwala (Sesame Cottage cheese)
  • KurKuri Bhindi (Crispy Lady Finger)
  • Tandoori aloo (Spicy Roasted Potatoes)
  • Ragi idli (finger millet idli)
  • Rasgulla
  • Millet pancake

The man behind designing the G20 lunch and dinner

Chef Arun Sundararaj, Director of Culinary Operations at Taj Hotels (Delhi) curated a millet-focused menu for a great lunch and dinner. He included nine millet- sorghum, pearl millet, foxtail millet, kodo millet, barnyard millet, finger millet, proso, Kutki, and little millet smartly.

Lunch for First Ladies at G20 summit

Chef Kunal kapoor with Akshita Murthy

Chef Kunal kapoor

Chef Kunal kapoor with First Lady

Renowned chefs Kunal Kapur and Ajay Chopra joined Chef Anahita Dhondy and ITC expert Chefs Kusha Mathur and Anahita Dhondy for the grand lunch organized at Jaipur House. A live cooking zone was planned to cook meals and demonstrate cooking for the better half of the dignitaries. Akshata Murthy, Jill Biden, Brigitte Macron, etc., relished the extensive menu that again focused on millets. They also interacted with farmers and agro startups in addition to other activities.

Highlight dishes of G20 Summit

We have identified 5 dishes that align with fitness goals among the many available from the event.

  1. Millet Special Thali
  2. Amaranth Jalebi
  3. Millet pulao
  4. Millet Nargisi Kofta
  5. Little millet soup
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