Delightful Columbia Island cuisine that people search most


Food! Does not this provide you with a spark every time you hear this? Food is a mood booster and probably is the reason it is looked like the best stress-buster. In today’s time, people have a busy lifestyle. No wonder people are finding a good choice of relaxation on an Island tour. Keeping health in mind vacationing on an island is the best way to let go of the worries. This also allows for relishing the delectable island cuisine.

The ingredients available in the neighborhood form the root of Island cuisine. Since Island meals are cooked with fresh fruits and vegetables they are very nutritious and fulfilling. You can imagine sumptuous seafood. The spicy curries, tender steaks, and lots of tropical produce are flattering. The health benefits of coconut are amazingly thought out and nurtured in the island food.

Enjoy traditional soup Ajiaco from Island cuisine

Ajiaco is native to the national capital of Colombia. Its heat and vigor go with the chilly mountainous town. This traditional Colombian chicken soup is a kind of one-pot meal. Three forms of potatoes found in the region are the main ingredient in its preparation.

The Colombian herb guasca gives a grassy aroma and flavor to the soup. Guasca is grown in every kitchen garden in the United States too. It is known as quick weed or galinsoga there.

Furthermore, you’ll appreciate the large piece of corn on the cob, chicken, and flavorful cilantro in your soup. The conventional pairing of Ajiaco with the avocado is, even more, delightful with slices of lemon and capers.

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In the Columbian Island cuisine, for vegetarians, the soup is made without chicken too.

Sancocho- Delicious corn on the cob chicken soup from Columbia

Sancho is a delicious chicken soup from the Colombia Island cuisine. It contains tasteful broth in which floats the poached chunks of yucca and plantain and corn on the cob.

The soup is helped with big pieces of chicken.


A portion of soup contains a leg quarter along with corn cob. The herb sauce, salsa de hierbas with avocado, and rice complement the Ajito meal. We can add lemon as well to make it more tasteful.

These hot soups from Columbian Kitchen are a wholesome meal served in a single earthen pot. They might have filled the water in your mouth and urged you to explore the net for another Island cuisine, I bet!

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