Candid Ginger Barfi Recipe from Grandma Keeps Cold Away


Ginger Barfi recipe is a simple formula out of Grandma’s treasure. Ginger’s innate character is cool to your stomach. This true Indian recipe is quick to make. Ginger barfi can get ready in only 20 minutes at home. The recipe is popular even in Maharashtra and Karnataka, yet, the method showed a little variation as you inch to other states.


Ginger – 6-7 inch

Sugar – 2 cups

Milk- 3 tbsp

Fresh cream/ mawa – 1 tbsp

Clarified butter to grease the dish


  • Peel and cut the ginger into small pieces. Soak the ginger for about an hour. Grind it to make fine pulp. Do not add water while grinding, if you require some liquid to aid grinding add a spoonful of milk.


  • After initial preparation for Ginger barfi (fudge), it’s time for cooking. Heat a thick-bottomed pan. Add sugar. Add ginger pulp following the sugar start melting. Allow them to cook over medium flame stirring continuously. The sugar and pulp should be in a 2:1 ratio.
  • Add 1 tbsp fresh cream or mawa and continue to cook on medium heat. Turn off the gas as the mixture starts thickening and separating from the sides and bottom. You will start to smell the beautiful aroma within ten minutes of cooking time.
  • Brush a high-bordered pate with clarified butter to avoid barfi sticking to the bottom. Transfer the cooked Ginger barfi mixture onto the plate. Flatten it with a spatula or alternatively, wear plastic or gloves and pat to avoid bumps on the surface.
  • Allow the barfi to set. Cut it into 1-inch square pieces.

Your Ginger barfi is ready.

Ginger has a very prominent flavor that can overpower any other fragrance and flavor. The lovely spicy aroma needs no helping of cardamom or clove.

This sweet and spicy candy is a boon in winter. Consuming a piece of ginger barfi before breakfast keeps away the acidity and holds back the problem of indigestion.

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