10 Best Indian Drinks For Kidney Health

carrot ginger_soup

Spring is knocking on the door in India. It is the time to rejuvenate, grow, renew, and rework your diet plan. The SARS-CoV pandemic took a toll on individual health; kidneys are the second worst affected organ. A well-balanced diet and hydration are crucial to prevent or delay kidney problems. You should follow a diet that is rich in fiber to maintain good kidney health. We have compiled some healthy drinks for kidneys that you can easily make at home.

Carrot Ginger Soup

Creamy, bright-colored carrot ginger soup with warm flavors is easy, healthy, and wholesome. Though it does not have an Indian base, carrot ginger soup has made many fans around. The buttered carrots contribute a creamy base for the soup. The smell and taste are so divine that I would love to customize my soup by switching between the ingredients to improve its nutritional value.

Basil Pineapple Juice

Basil Pineapple Juice makes a refreshing detox drink. Nutrients packed in pineapple and basil help in improving kidney health. The beverage contains antioxidants and vitamins that aid in slowing down the aging process, strengthening bones, reducing stress, and promoting weight loss.

Bottle gourd soup

This lightly seasoned beverage is popular among Indians. You can add or deduct ingredients and come up with a more healthful version of it. Lauki soup (as it is in India) can also serve as a starter with rice or bread. Just grab a bottle gourd, peel, dice, and sauté in olive oil with chopped garlic and onion. Cook till it becomes soft. Strain the garlic, onion, and bottle gourd. Blend into a smooth paste. Now cook the puree with the same broth obtained earlier, and season with roasted cumin powder and salt.

Watermelon and water apple summer cooler

It is one of the best kidney-detoxifying foods. The dietary fiber and multi-nutrients in water apple or white jamun provide many health benefits. Watermelon keeps one hydrated; the antioxidant lycopene protects the kidney by lowering creatinine. Using mint gives a refreshing kick to the drink.

Kodo millet ambali

If you find millets uninteresting, trying this fermented millet porridge might change your mind. Ambali is rich in Vitamin B12. It is simple to prepare with only a few ingredients, yet the fermentation produces healthy bacteria that keep the gut healthy and fast recovery from chronic ailments.

Barley soup for kidney health

Barley soups and stews are delicious food for maintaining kidney health. It is a filling meal that requires a short cooking time. You can try it with either mixed vegetables or beef. Not only is vegetable barley soup rich in nutrients, but the combination of colors and textures is truly remarkable.

Yellow lentils and spinach soup

You may have tried many lentil recipes, but yellow lentils and spinach make a popular combination if you are craving a hearty soup that can warm up any day. Lentils are rich in potassium, folate, protein, and fiber; adding greens will supplement the iron. You can also cook it for a family dinner and serve it with bread.

Split Bengal gram soup

The nutritional value of split Bengal gram or Chana dal gives many health benefits. It is a source of plant-based protein, and with assorted spices, the soup also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Creamy Chana dal soup is comforting and easy to make. If you’re health-conscious but unsure where to start, this Chana dal soup is a great beginning.

Turmeric Tea and kidney health

Turmeric tea is an effortless beverage to begin your day. The anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin can help in CKD and kidney nephron blockages. Add a cup of fresh turmeric tea which powers you with its antioxidant properties to your morning routine.

Curried Pumpkin Butternut Squash Soup

Curried butternut and warm flavors of spices make a lovely soup. Made with simple ingredients available in your pantry, this healthy and creamy soup is ideally served with a sandwich for dinner. Adding coconut milk will make the soup extra smooth.

Beer for kidney health

Beer is a diuretic, thus cleanses the kidney by flushing out body toxins. Drinking beer can also eliminate kidney stones smaller than 5 mm.

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