Finest Valentine chocolates recommendation by world chefs


The romance fills the air on Valentine’s Day. And, the chocolate aroma makes everything rosier. Moreover, the association of chocolates with the celebration is an inseparable partner for decades. Sweet and romantic, heavenly Valentine’s chocolates tempt your special ones also. Check the finest Valentine’s chocolates recommended by world chefs down under the body. 

These are the top choices according to Chefs not only from the length and breadth of India but also from International locations. These stands apart from the regular flavor of Valentine’s Day chocolate at Walmart.

Scott Conant, chef, New York

The romantic red box of Torino is the chef’s choice to pamper his special lady. In fact, the dark chocolate envelope gianduia treats are sure to make her fall in love with you both once again.

Jeremy Salamon, executive chef, The Eddy, New York

Classic Reber Mozart Kugel Valentine chocolates impress your sweetheart right from their packing. The decadent sweet comes wrapped in a beautiful Amadeus Mozart portrait box.

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Divya Burman, home cook & entrepreneur, India

The box of guilt-free chocolates from the Indian chocolatier makes a great choice over Valentine’s chocolate dairy milk. So, if your cohort is a weight watcher the sugar-free Valentine’s chocolate recipe from her is worth digging in.

Hemant Mathur and Surbhi Sahni, Celebrity chefs, India

The couple recommends special chocolate truffles crafted by them available under the flagship of BittersweetNYC. The fusion flavors in hand-rolled truffles are an excellent gift on Valentine’s Day. Their signature valentines chocolate recipe has combined spices and flavors of India.

Susanna Yoon, Head chef and founder of Stick With Me Sweets, New York

Chef thinks it is too outdated to gift square chocolates and recommends the colorful bonbon from her brand. These glistening pieces of art are gems worth gifting on Valentine’s Day. Hand-painted bonbons are made in different combinations of chocolate, nuts, and fruity flavors.

Michael Fiorelli, Executive Chef & collaborator, Love & Salt, Los Angeles

Besides the chocolates, the ever-popular sweetheart candies are the chef’s favorite. These Valentine’s candy chocolate inscribe sweet quotes. The candy hearts surely convey your true feelings.

Alex Baker, Yves, New York

The bag of Hershey’s Kisses! Indeed, the perfect sweet treat for the special day. These drop-sized Valentine’s chocolates are classic. Valentine’s Day Cadbury ruled hearts for years and now Hershey’s is providing competition to them.

Hershey-kisses-valentine chocolates

You cannot go wrong as you gifting the flirtiest thing- Kisses on the right day. The shiny bag is fun to unwrap.

Anna Posey, pastry chef, and owner, Elske, Chicago-The fair-trade chocolate, Tony’s Chocolonely is the chef’s companion on the celebration. The dark cherry topping on the 51% chocolate bar comes in beautiful packing. It is a perfect gift for your sweetheart.

Jesus Nunez, Chef, the Sea Fire Grill, New York

Champagne makes an important part of any celebration. Vosges Haut-Chocolat has combined the flavor perfectly with chocolate. The 9-Piece Chocolate box from the Collection is a classy gift for him. Its luscious feeling and heart-melting taste can woo your partner any day. 

Christopher Curtin, Chocolatier, Eclat Chocolate

The chef-crafted an unusual combination of beer and chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Known as The Beer Lover’s Box it contains 12 truffles flavored with beer.

The chocolate is genuinely Valentine’s Day’s second-best gift. Finally, world chefs too today have also recognized this. Thus, they come up with exotic chocolate flavors for special moments. Furthermore, surprisingly chocolate industry claims approximately 58 million in Valentine’s week alone.

You can make a choice from this definitive list of divine flavors to treat your loved one. Or, do you have a better chocolate treat to share? Tell us in the comment below.

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