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The cooking season is here. All love barbecue recipes, the smell of a barbequed steak to the beautiful grill marks. But, after cooking, barbeque grill cleaning is the worst and annoying thing. It requires extra effort. After spending the whole day at work you must be feeling tired to clean those cast iron grills after barbeque party in the evening.

Moreover, those ugly carbon depositions are unhealthy too. The grease present also harbors various harmful bacteria. So, you need to know the perfect way to get your work done.

Luckily you have got my back! Here in this post, I will share four BBQ cleaning tips and techniques. Also, these are hacks are tried and tested. Now, you can grill your popular party-perfect keto crack chicken recipe without any tension of cleaning.

1. Use grill cleaning equipment to scrub out that junk

While cleaning the grill grates, proper gears are required. Grillr is an awesome barbeque cleaning tool, but there are simpler tools that save much effort and money.

BBQ-scrub-gritUse a nylon scrubber brush and stainless cleaner for regular cleaning. But, if the leftover is too stubborn to come out, then use a stainless steel grill brush. This works well when you use it with a stainless steel cleaner in a preheated oven. You can use vinegar as an alternative to expensive stainless cleaners.

2. Soak the grill after use

After grilling, cleaning instantly works great with soaking. Let the grill grates cool down first. Open the grill and soak it in a cleansing solution for better cleaning.

bbq-cleaning-soakingTo make a solution for cleaning- Make a soapy solution of water and cleaner for soaking. Take a bucket full of water and add a few drops of stainless cleaner, immerse the grill with dirt in it for 15-20 minutes. Afterward, wash it with water and let them dry.

3. Wash and wipe it instantly

wash-wipe-bbqRusting is one big problem with a grill oven. So, the technique of washing and wiping are very important. Thoroughly work on the above steps, but make sure to completely wipe out any water after the wash. Even a speck of water can cause rust on the iron grill.

4. Oil the grill

oiling-BBQOiling is an important step to follow before and after grilling. As we say prevention is better. So, here in case of protecting your grill too, application of oil before starting to grill is vital.

  • Make sure to season the grill grates with canola oil or the peanut oil for the best results. But vegetable or coconut oil also work.
  • Crumple paper towel and dip it in oil. Rub the paper towel over the grill. This smears the grill with a thin film of oil.

Even while cleaning the grill grates, it becomes easier to remove the leftover food from the oiled surface.

  • Also, this has the advantage of adding a nice flavor to the food.
  • This is another great hack to avoid rusting as the oil coats the cast iron. This helps to avoid moisture to the grill grates.

Dirty grill spoils the taste of food. I hope I have helped you with cleaning that mess out while you are still in the party mood. Do you have your favorite method of cleaning that ugly grit? We are waiting to hear from you. Share your grill cleaning tips in comments.


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