Do you know about Funeral Potatoes? As the name suggests it is a dish associated with funerals. Amazing!! Isn’t it? After hearing the name of the dish, you might feel a bit sad. But its purpose is to make people feel better. Funeral Potato is quite a familiar dish in western and southern parts of the United States. This is popularly known to be a sympathy meal.

It is a cheesy casserole dish of potatoes with corn flakes or chips as toppings. Many people call this cheesy Hashbrowns too. You can make this dish easily at home.

Where do funeral potatoes come from?

The origin of funeral potatoes has a connection with the name of the dish i.e funeral. This is an age-old tradition of the Mormon community. The dish started as a traditional dish in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In funerals, this dish is served in the gathering after the funeral. It is a way of showing support and sympathy for the grieving family.

Why do they call it Funeral Potatoes?

People like to have this as a side dish after the funeral. From then onwards this comforting dish has become the staple for funeral gatherings.

How to make funeral potatoes?

You might be thinking to buy funeral potatoes from Walmart. But, why to spend money when you can easily make them at home? The taste of home-cooked funeral potatoes is outstanding. I have taken ideas from the cook’s country funeral potatoes recipe and also checked the recipe of funeral potatoes six sisters. The dish is very easy to make with just a few ingredients.

Here, I provided the ingredients list to make funeral potatoes with real potatoes. I used real potatoes but you can use hash browns for the preparation too. For the brunch or parties, you can easily make batches of funeral potatoes for 50 to100 in short time. Just adjust the ingredients according to the servings.

Ingredients for 10 servings:-

● 8 Potatoes
● Sour cream
● 6 tablespoons of butter
● 1 tablespoons Salt
● 1 tablespoon Pepper
● 2 cubes Shredded cheese
● ½ cup Dry corn flakes
● ½ cup Potato chips

Follow the steps to make your dish like the perfect pictures of funeral potatoes on Pinterest-

1. Firstly peel and dice the potatoes. Then boil until it becomes tender.
2. Mix well the shredded cheese, salt, butter and sour cream in a bowl.
3. Put the mixture in a baking bowl; put the crushed corn flakes and potato chips as toppings over the mixture.
4. Bake the mixture for 40-50 minutes and serve it baked ham or ham asparagus rolls.

So now the question arises if you can reheat funeral potatoes or not? Yes definitely. This food is sent as the sympathy meal for the ones who have just recovered from illness. The dish traveling through a distance when it might reach the destination becomes cold. It can be reheated without destroying the taste and freshness. Reheating actually enhances the taste of the dish. Even the topping of cheese and corn flakes become crisper.

Try making this at home and enjoy. This is going to be a great breakfast dish.


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